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About Paul Milham

Paul Milham

(BA Hons, HPD, DSFH)

As an experienced Solution-focused Hypnotherapist, Paul is passionate about the transformative power of the focused human mind. He bases his methods upon cutting-edge science and uses this to help clients create positive change, momentum and confidence. His clinics are based in London, Crawley and online.

Along with thousands of hours of experience working one-to-one, he also lectures in London-based hypnotherapy training schools and offers stress management presentations and coaching to corporate clients.

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What We Do?

About Hypnotherapy

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is one of the few therapies that focus solely on the present and the future and not on the past. In order to solve problems, we don’t need to spend too much time analysing why they occurred; we need to look towards a future without them. Solution Focused hypnotherapy focuses on positives which often makes the therapeutic experience much less daunting for a client.

Why choose this route?

  • Positive solution-orientated techniques.
  • Measured outcomes
  • A free no-obligation initial consultation
  • A free relaxation track designed to promote harmony, confidence and wellbeing.
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Accreditations and Awards

As part of our professional standards, all hypnotherapists working with Paul Milham Hypnotherapy are registered with recognised professional bodies.

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  • 06-03
  • 2022

Help with confidence

For me, confidence is the key to success in life. When we are confident, we can achieve anything; from losing the excess weight, to conquering addictions or achieving sporting excellence. One of the fundamental lessons that all my clients learn in my sessions is how to master self-confidence. How can we become healthy if we don’t believe that we can? How can we reduce our anxiety when we use such negative self-talk? If you have the belief that you can succeed then, I believe, there is nothing you can’t achieve. 

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  • 23-08
  • 2021

Sleep hypnotherapy

When people think of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, they tend to think of stage hypnosis, of people dancing like a chicken or lapsing into a different dimension at the click of a finger. In reality, clinical hypnotherapy is much different. It can be surprising to realise that clinical hypnotherapy is quite a scientific process. In many ways, it replicates the natural and powerful therapy of sleep.


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  • 16-06
  • 2021

Hypnotherapy and Stress

 27th March 2017 by Paul Milham

According to Alexa the Earth has been in existence for over 4.5 billion years and humans have only been part of this journey for around 200,000 years. That’s only a mere 0.004% of the Earth’s history which we have enjoyed. In fact, if all of the Earth’s evolution was compressed into one day then, effectively, we have only been alive for a little under six minutes.

And what have we done with those six minutes? Well… Quite a bit as it happens. We evolved all the way from grunting and brutal cavemen wielding sticks and fighting off wild animals to sophisticated, cappuccino drinking, modern men and women with mobile phones and apps that control our central heating.

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" My fear started to effect my lifestyle as I wouldn't travel or enter places that I felt I had no control in. My first visit to Paul was so reassuring, I actually felt at ease telling him how I felt and how anxious I became when confronted with my fear..."...

Sue - South East London

Anxiety and Depression

"When I met Paul, I was instantly put at ease by his calm and friendly nature. I left every session with a brand new mindset, feeling more and more positive every week. I started to see results very quickly in my day-to-day life."...

Jess - South East London

Long Term Anxiety

"I have just finished three sessions with Paul for my anxiety which has blighted my life for very many years. My fear has been alleviated significantly and my self worth, confidence and happiness is growing everyday. I feel a new woman and would highly recommend Paul to turn your life around too. Don't suffer in silence, if I found the courage to pick up the phone initially, so can you."...


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

"I saw Paul 3 months ago because I wanted to stop smoking. I was what you would call a proper smoker. Smoking over 10 a day. I went to see Paul as I was determined to give up. 3 months on I can’t believe I’m actually saying that I am now a non smoker. He is amazing at what he does. I would highly recommend."...

Shelly - Crawley

Nail Biting

"I went to see Paul to help me stop biting my nails. He made me feel immediately relaxed and after a forty minute session I haven't bitten them for over a month! I'd highly recommend Paul, next time I might even consider giving up smoking."...

Chris - Crawley

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

"I needed help to quit smoking and Paul's hypnotherapy treatment is just what I needed. I've been smoke-free since :). Paul is a good listener and he goes the extra mile to find out the root of the problem and that is probably why his sessions are successful. Highly recommended!"...

Buddhika - Crawley

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